Thursday, March 17, 2011

12 Ways to Manage Anger - Part 1 of 2

  1. Breathe slowly and deeply 10 times to cool down.
  2. Count to 10 before you respond or react.
  3. Discuss minor problems so they do not grow into arguments.
  4. Eat right and exercise regularly – you health makes a difference
  5. Practice patience with everyone-including yourself.
  6. Learn to accept the things you cannot change.
  7. Walk away if a situation causes you anger.
  8. Splash cold water on your face to cool off
  9. Have realistic expectations of others.
  10. Forgive others instead of holding grudges
  11. Keep calm when someone else is angry.  Do not take it personally.
  12. Identify “triggers” that spark your anger and do your best to avoid them


  1. I have problems with #7. I tend to want to stay and argue or debate the issue till I'm beating a dead horse. Also, when I get angry I clean. I take my anger out on the house so by the time I'm feeling better I have a squeaky clean room(s) and it makes me happier. :)

  2. I needed this earlier today!

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