Thursday, December 15, 2011

Diabetics have you checked your hemoglobin A1c lately?


The A1c test is used primarily to monitor the glucose control of diabetics over time. The goal of those with diabetes is to keep their blood glucose levels as close to normal as possible. This helps to minimize the complications caused by chronically elevated glucose levels, such as progressive damage to body organs like the kidneys, eyes, cardiovascular system, and nerves. The A1c test gives a picture of the average amount of glucose in the blood over the last few months. It can help a patient and his doctor know if the measures they are taking to control the patient's diabetes are successful or need to be adjusted.

Depending on the type of diabetes that you have, how well your diabetes is controlled, and your doctor, your A1c may be measured 2 to 4 times each year. The American DiabetesAssociation (ADA) recommends testing your A1c 4 times each year if you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes and use insulin; or 2 times each year if you have type 2 diabetes and do not use insulin. When someone is first diagnosed with diabetes or if control is not good, A1c may be ordered more frequently.

How it works

The A1c blood test checks the average amount of glucose (sugar) in the blood over the last 2 to 3 months. It does this by measuring the concentration of glycosylated hemoglobin. As glucose circulates in the blood, some of it binds to hemoglobin A. This is the main form of hemoglobin in adults. Hemoglobin is a red protein that carries oxygen in the red blood cells (RBC's). Once the glucose is bound to the hemoglobin A, it remains there for the life of the red blood cell (about 120 days). This combination of glucose and hemoglobin A is called A1c (or hemoglobin A1c or glycohemoglobin). Increased glucose in the blood, increases the hemoglobin A1c. A1c levels do not change quickly but will shift as older RBC's die and younger ones take their place.


Non diabetic adults: 2.2%-4.8%

Non diabetic child: 1.8%-4.0%

Good diabetic control: 2.5%-5.9%

Fair diabetic control: 6%-8%

Poor diabetic control: greater than 8%

**"Normal" ranges for lab values and other tests may vary among different laboratories and/or hospitals.

Your caregiver will go over the test results with you and discuss the importance and meaning of your results, as well as treatment options and the need for additional tests if necessary.

This post is for informational purposes only.  If you feel that you may have diabetes or need your hemoglobin A1C check, contact your credentialed health care provider.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mix and Match Fashion Cents

If you are on a tight budget during the fall and winter, it can be difficult to feel like you will be able to dress yourself and the kids in your family in the latest fashions during this cold season. What works best is to pick items that you can afford on your budget this year and use them to augment the pieces in your existing wardrobe. This sounds like great advice for you, but you might also be thinking it is less useful for kids because their sizes change often.

Try some of these tips for whomever you must buy for regardless of age. You will be surprised how mixing and matching can save you money.

Here are some ways to get the most out of your fashion dollars without breaking the bank:

1.      Buy one winter coat in a solid color such as black, navy blue, or brown. This can be used for almost any occasion. You can alternate sweaters and other kinds of winter wraps for different occasions.

2.      Buy at least one new pair of dress shoes and casual shoes for the season. This will require taking yourself and the kids to actually try shoes on, especially if you are looking for boots or dress shoes, which are difficult to fit without this important step.  

3.      Mix and match solid garments with print garments. For example, if you have some pieces of black in your wardrobe, you can mix them with any print. You can also use some of your fall, spring, and summer clothes to layer during the winter. It is about rotating items in the wardrobe to make fewer clothes count for more outfits.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Networking - Ole Skool Style

If you are thinking of using your blog for professional networking, you should also know that you could use face-to-face marketing tactics to generate more traffic to your blog. One easy idea involves the tried-and-true approach of the business card. You can print the URL for your professional or personal blog on the bottom of your traditional business card.

When you hand the business card to people, discuss the types of content that you post on your blog and why customers and other professional contacts should check it out. If they will just take the time to go online and read your blog and you are sure that you have developed an engaging array of content, you can be sure that you will turn at least some contacts, even friends and family, into trusted blog readers.

You can also use the blog to make special offers to readers. For example, you can offer a discount to customers for each time that they refer a new customer to you. You need a code or another method of tracking referrals.

If you plan to use your blog to make money for your small business, such as by growing the client base, business cards are the way to go. Networking through word of mouth and through the referrals you receive when people share your blog, posts online can help you build a strong following of blog readers.

Remember that you can also update your blog with video, audio, and photographic contents to make the blog site more interesting for the reader. You want to effectively use the blog as a channel for sharing relevant information about yourself and your business.

Coupon Sharing

Some of you may already know that I have decided to join in on the coupon craze.  Yes, it takes some work and organization, but it is worth it in the long run.  I mean, why throw away your hard earned cash when you can save money by using coupons.  Heck, some items can even be had free!  To help you get started (or beef up your current couponing system), I have shared a couple of the sites that I use to acquire coupons. Please take advantage of the free sign ups.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Why Do Athletes Use Steroids

With the “juicing scandals” in recent years, many sports fans have taken to wondering why so many athletes use steroids. Casual exercisers may not realize that the demands of an unusually active lifestyle can take a serious toll on the body of an amateur or professional athlete. Artificial steroids are created by companies like Genshi Labs to mimic compounds that are found naturally in the body. Athletes use these chemicals to increase their performance on the field and reduce the possibility of injuries that could end their careers.

Many people do not realize that exercise actually creates damage in the human body. When muscles are strained by weight lifting or strenuous exercise, tiny tears appear in the fibers of these complex tissues. Over time, the body heals these tears with denser and stronger muscle cells. Muscles grow when their fibers are repeatedly torn and rebuilt.

When strained muscles are not allowed to heal, they can become overworked. Casual exercisers can rest for days between workouts to prevent injuries. Serious athletes do not have this luxury. Some buy Gen Shi Laboratories products to speed the healing process and grow muscles. Genshi Labs produces steroids that allow athletes to compete while reducing the risk of injury. Athletes who use these products are less likely to overwork their muscles, allowing them to work longer and harder on their exercise routines.

Some full-contact sports include the risk of fractured and broken bones. When athletes slam into each other at high speeds, they are putting an extraordinary amount of stress on their skeletal systems. A minor fracture could put an athlete out of commission for weeks or months during a short sports season. A shattered bone could permanently end an athlete’s career. Men and women whose sole incomes come from athletic performance sometimes choose to reduce their risk of bone injuries with Gen Shi Labs steroids. Because steroids increase bone density, they can help athletes avoid injuries in contact sports.

Steroids can also increase an athlete’s performance on the field of play. Because the steroids sold by Gen Shi Labs can increase a user’s red blood cell count, they allow athletes to compete longer and harder. More red blood cells mean that more oxygen reaches the muscles from the lungs. Fatigue happens when the oxygen supply to muscles is depleted. Muscles that work without oxygen produce a byproduct called lactic acid that can cause soreness. Athletes who buy Gen Shi Laboratories steroids can work for longer with a reduced risk of pain and injury.

Disclaimer: Some types of steroids are illegal to purchase and use. Check your local laws to get more information about your legal rights.

XMAS Party Dresses

Ok, I admit that shopping online is one of my favorite hobbies.  Shopping online for clothing is what I do most often.  When I find a good merchant, (sizes, easy returns, low shipping fees, and frequent sales) I put them on my favorites list.  Recently I found ClothingCandy and I am proud to share this find with all of my readers.  Check out their CHRISTMAS party dresses, click, shop, and enjoy. xmas cocktail dresses

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kitchen Magician - Feeding Your Family

When it comes to putting food on the table, most of us are at our wits’ end. The family never seems to agree at the dinner table regarding the menu. The kids would like pizza, while the husband would like his meat well done. Then there is the matter of leftovers.  Each member of your household will want a new food on their plate every evening. The very thought of rustling new recipes that everyone will like is daunting. 

We tend to turn to cookbooks and recipes for easy remedy. The food has to be healthy, tasty, and easy to cook so that you do not have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. However, as far as recipes go, they are not the last word to good cooking. It is more important to know the basics of cooking for that is what makes up for the foundation for healthy food.  Following the recipe book to the last letter can be stressful by itself. What you can do is get the general idea of the recipe and then do it your own way. You will find that sometimes one or more ingredients are not there in your kitchen, or may be the amount that the recipe serves is too much – or too little for your family. Use your own common sense. Try to be innovative and work around what is available in your kitchen, while keeping the basic recipe intact.  Use your own sense of proportion rather than going by the weights and measures of the cookbook.

Kids will love anything that looks interesting and makes them feel like they are having a special meal. You can utilize your leftovers for this purpose.  That way, yesterday’s leftovers can be converted into today’s sandwich filling or burger. The kids can have their burger without the unhealthy trans-fat and other junk that goes in commercial food.

Friday, December 9, 2011

American Baby - Free Subscription

American Baby magazine, no parent should be without, offers a free subscription.   Getting your free subscription will give you access to trusted information such as:

·     Advice for pregnancy through baby’s first year
·     Tips for adjusting a baby in the house
·     Health, nutrition, exercise, playtime advice
·     Thoughts from famous parents

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blog Hop Thursday - December 8, 2011

Bassgiraffe's Thoughts Thursday Blog Hop

Our Banana Moments will be  participating in Blog Hop Thursday. I can't wait to meet new friends! Click the above button and join in on the fun too!

Mad Money

Our Banana Moments has turned one year old!  When Our Banana Moments started, I didn’t expect to last more than a month or so; after all, it’s not as if I have loads of life impacting topics to write about.  Now that Our Banana Moments is one year old, it is time take monetizing more seriously.

From the first day until now, Google Adsense has been the primary means of generating income.  As of today, I am proud to state that a modest income of $34.65.  Of course, this averages out to about $2.88 per month.  This amount is a rather pleasant surprise considering the life expectancy of Our Banana Moments was a few months and the primary goal has never been focused on earning money.

Below is a list of affiliates that Our Banana Moments has started using to monetize the blog.  Sign up was free and easy!

Check back in a month and find out how well Our Banana Moments did at monetizing.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Coupon Money

Recently, I have become smitten with the coupon craze.  I practically live for the Sunday paper to get my hands on the coupons that are stuffed neatly in the middle.  I pour a cup of coffee, get out my scissors, and commence filing through the Sunday paper coupons as if I were collecting candy. 

Other than the Sunday paper, I also search for coupons online. There are many sites offering free coupons on everyday products.  A simple Google search on “coupons” will return literally hundreds of sites. Beware, as I did run across a few sites that required a membership to access their coupons. Using online coupon sites will help you stick to your budget while saving money on your grocery bill.

If you are looking to save money on local activities, weekend outings, or an affordable way to treat the family out to dinner, try  At, you can subscribe to receive offers from local merchants offering a special deal for a limited time, even an offer for only one day. For example, you may be able to treat your family with buy-one-get-one free (BOGO) coupons for the nearest pizzeria instead of going over budget by splurging on Carabbas or Olive Garden.

Use coupons to save money and stay on budget.  Try couponing today!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Shopping Saving Tips

The holidays are a magical time of year: it's when your money magically goes from your pocket to someone's cash register.  How much will you spend? No matter what you plan on spending, there are plenty of ways to save.

Tip 1:  Decide and divide

Decide how much you're going to spend - divide that amount among the people you're gifting. Then be like Santa: make a list and check it twice.

Tip 2:  take yourself off yours.

The National Retail Federation says Americans will spend $700 each this holiday season - but that includes $130 we're going to spend on ourselves. Scratch yourself - you've already saved 18 percent.

Tip 3:  Coupons

Once you've decided what you're buying, check online for coupon codes.  It takes seconds and could save a bundle.

Tip 4:  Gift Cards

If you have any, use your unused ones from last year, or buy discounted ones from specialty sites and use them: that could save you 10 percent or more.

Final tip:  Give something valuable that won't cost you a dime: yourself.

There are any number of ways to do it, from baby-sitting to cooking meals to shopping and doing chores. Just make a gift certificate and you're done.
But to use these tips, you need one more: start early. The more time you have, the easier it is to substitute imagination for money.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Laughing Out Loud

Humor in daily life, relationships, family

Shared sense of humor is a great way to bond. Humor is contagious and laughter is the best medicine. It is an approved truth that laughter and humor strengthens the immune system, boosts energy, and even lessens pain. The greatest stress buster comes free.
When laughter is shared, it binds people and makes them more intimate. Humor in any relationship, be it family or workplace, is sure to make you not only more popular, but also improve your harmony with others. It keeps you grounded and lightens your burden. Even when we have finished laughing, the good feeling lingers, makes you a more positive person. It is impossible to continue to feel angry or anxious when you retain your sense of humor. 

In relationship issues, humor helps you to maintain a healthy perspective. It helps you to keep in focus the important factors and filter out the irrelevant ones. When you laugh, it invites whoever is with you, your partner, friend, or colleague, to join in the fun. Laughter at workplace helps you to accomplish more. Laughter in your relationship makes it stronger. A man who can make you smile is a cherished being indeed. You can in turn be that cherished being if you retain your sense of humor. Laughing together creates a strong buffer against odds like disagreements and disappointments and relieves the strain out of the relationship.
A family that laughs together weathers a lot together. Laughter makes you less defensive, releases your inhibitions and thereby helps you express your true feelings. Needless to say, laughter is the perfect way to forge family ties.
Humor changes the chemistry of the brain by releasing endorphins that increase the sense of well-being. It also increases reasoning power. With humor in your daily life, creativity increases and you become more emotionally independent. Your generally relaxed and positive attitude towards life attracts more people towards you. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Travel tips for women who love the sojourn

Its time to let your hair down and take that much needed break from life’s dull routines. Travel is something that every woman looks forward to so she can get that much needed break from the strenuous chores of everyday life. Not being prepared for travel can leave you bitter and stressed even on a holiday. This post is intended to help you run a checklist on things that are a ‘must do’ when on travel.

Irrespective of whether women are working or at home travel brings with it a host of anxieties. From taking care of children to packing the right stuff everything is on the shoulders of the women who travel. Here are a few travel tips that should help women keep off that unnecessary stress while traveling:

·      Pack light – Do not go overboard while packing as it will leave you tired and anxious and it is an unnecessary burden to carry around

·      Carry a map of the destination you are headed to 

·      Carry clothes that are bright and comfortable  

·      Do not work while on travel 

·      Shop for yourself – when on travel, women usually land up buying gifts for everyone save themselves, always remember to pick up a souvenir for yourself

·      If it is winter time travel then ensure you have your woolen and thermal clothing packed

·      Always carry your sunscreen, moisturizer and day cream along

·      Pack your medical supplies if any along with a first aid kit

·      Carry enough sets of undergarments 

·      Have a small diary with important phone numbers and emergency contacts, keep it in your wallet

·      Carry travelers checks instead of lot of cash 

Travel clubs, groups and travel agencies are fun ways to meet other travelers and save on travel expenses.

The Women's Travel Club
Gutsy Women Travel
Sights and Soul Travel
G Adventures

The above tips should keep you safe and ready for travel. Most of all, remember to have fun. 

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving 
from our family to yours.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What is a blog? Tips for New Bloggers

A blog is a journal which is available on the web and which can be viewed in an HTML browser. When you first think about starting your blog, ask yourself, are you better at speaking or writing? Because, blog is essentially a written media, and you shall need very good written communication skills to get your point across in a sea of blogs currently pervading the web. The next thing to be taken into account is your desire for celebrity status. Blog is a forum that will put you in the limelight. Not everybody is comfortable with that. In addition, you have to be at ease with both appreciation and criticism alike. While there will be people who will appreciate what you have got to say, there will be an equal, if not more, number of people who might not share your point of view, and they are not going to be polite about that. You have to be able to take the bad along with the good as a blogger. You will also have to be ready to work hard, for overnight success may not come to you. Long-term thinking is what you have to aim for.
When you are about to start, think about a suitable topic. It should be something that interests not only you, but the general people as well. On the other hand, if your topic is too over-exposed, then you run the risk of getting lost in the large wave.  Ascertain the demand in the market and choose your topic carefully to minimize competition.
You need a domain name for your blog. This will help create an aura of professionalism and build credibility. The domain name should reflect the aims and objectives of your blogging site. Having your own domain name will also increase your search engine ranking.
While designing your blogging site, you can get help from professional web designers.
While writing your blog, the contents should be useful and unique, the titles reflecting your topic clearly. The length should not be too long, as this will make the reader lose attention. A good idea is to make your blog content scannable so that readers may scan it for future use.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Save Money - Getting Home Decor Items Organized by Season

The next time you want to find extra dollars in your household budget, consider the possibilities that will open up if you tackle the important task of organizing all of your home décor materials. You don’t have to become Martha Stewart overnight.
Chances are that you change your decorations for your home with the change in the season. The costs that you spend each year on holiday-related home décor items, many of which you will end up throwing away, represent a good place to begin cost-cutting. By saving on home décor, you can free up dollars to spend in other areas of the household budget.  

The trick is to organize holiday-related home décor items more efficiently. Some homemakers approach this by buying one large plastic bin for each holiday, such as one for Easter, one for Thanksgiving, one for Christmas, etc. During the rest of the year, the choice of home décor items usually fits the season, as in spring, summer, fall, and winter decorations.

How do you keep your stuff organized in a bin system without going crazy? The answer is simple. Just set up each bin and label it. Then pick one day every two months or so to take out the bin for the outgoing season and pack it up and store it in the attic or garage. Next, take out the bin for the next season and unpack everything. For example, after Halloween, pack up your fall stuff and unpack everything for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fashion on a budget

With the recent recession, what do you do if you have this urge to go for the latest fashion? We can hardly go back to sack cloth and ashes, at the same time, it is not possible for us to dress up in the style and chic that the celebrities do. We simply lack their source of funds. That Jimmy Choo or the latest Christian Dior seems luring, but way out of our range. Or at least way out of my means. You can still dress yourself up in style, at a much lesser budget. There are certain blogs that will give you similar dresses at a very affordable cost. Some of the more popular ones are FrugalFashioista, DC Goodwill Fashion Blog, The Budget Babe, The Cheap Chica's,, and many more. These blogs will provide you with designs similar to the original ones, along with price tag, where to get them and so on and so forth. You will get weekly deals, spotlights of retailers, bargains and steal prices. They will help you to budget a celebrity line get providing you with the costing of the total ensemble. Most of these blogs emphasize on celebrity looks and will give you fashion advise on how to get the same look at a much lower cost. They provide with pictures of the celebrity in her look, complete with accessories such as shoes, scarves, jewelry and handbags, and pictures of similar fashion items which will cost much less. You can choose your pick and order online, or visit the retailer and pick your own pieces. Some sites will provide you with screening areas and you can browse with ease if you are going for a particular look, such as sports, fashion jewelry under $10 and so on. Other sites specialize in designer label looks so if you are into any particular designer, you can visit these sites and get designs which carry their signature style. The good thing about these sites is they offer fashion tips and information on a budget without making you look cheap or imitative. You can retain your own style of dress while going for the latest fashion trend.
Home Décor At Exclusive Prices - Save Up to 80% Off Retail and Get Free Shipping on orders of $100+ at! Invitation Code: XMAS2013 - 300x250