Thursday, April 21, 2011

Drive Thru Diet?

Drive thru? Really? At least this is what Christine and Taco Bell suggest in ads appearing on TV, in print and on Taco Bell’s website.  Drive thru dieting sounds bananas. Therefore, I did what any self-respecting banana would do and I checked out the claim.

Taco Bell has a “Drive Thru Diet” menu that features lighter items than those on their regular menu.  Taco Bell also has the following disclaimer. “Drive Thru Diet is not a weight loss program.”  Meanwhile, Christine is claiming, “I reduced my daily calorie and fat intake by 500 calories to 1250 calories a day, and, after two years, I ended up losing 54 pounds!”

The skinny on the Drive Thru Diet is that Taco Bell’s ad campaign is misleading.  The real fact is that Christine cut 500 calories from her diet.  Just about anyone who cuts 500 calories, a day will lose weight with or without eating at Taco Bell.  Making healthier food choices and adding exercise to your daily routine should be the focus of any weight loss plan.  

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