Thursday, February 23, 2012

Changing Your Bad Dieting Habits

For the working adult, it only takes a single trip to the family practice doctor to find out you have a problem with obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, elevated triglycerides, diabetes, or another manageable health condition. You know it is time to eat better.

It is important to eat better. You need to follow the exact diet specifications that your doctor recommends for making meals healthier. You also need to keep up with the prescription for regular exercise.  Just as important, follow the specifications for prescribed medications and maintaining follow up appointments.

What are some general things that people can do to make a diet better? Let us say you have just been diagnosed with high blood pressure. General advice is to eat less sodium in your diet. Salt is everywhere! You must limit intake of canned foods and most frozen foods because they contain lots of sodium for prolonging their shelf life. Stop eating French fries and popcorn when you go out. Stop adding salt to food during cooking or eating or both.

Plan weekly menus to avoid foods with added salt. A good example is your trip to the deli. You can buy fresh versions of many meats and cheeses with low sodium content. These will be products without salts or other preservatives.  These foods, such as, fresh vegetables, are generally meant to be consumed in a few days.

Although your doctor requires you to change your diet, think of these diet changes in a positive way. These changes are better for you, and you probably should have done them a long time ago!

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