Thursday, March 1, 2012

Turning Blogging into Freelance Writing Work

To make money as a blogger or freelance writer, you need a diversified strategy. This means writing for a variety of clients and finding them by writing for writer websites. Alternatively, you can use the blog to gain recognition in the writing world.
As a blogger, you are a niche writer, which means you have chosen a specific kind of writing. You may become an expert in writing SEO articles, informational articles, press releases, or product description pages. Writing SEO articles means writing natural-sounding articles with repeated keywords or phrase searchers use to find information online. Find SEO work on Content Marketplaces or Contract Work venues.
Whichever type of writing that you prefer, it will become your bread and butter. You will need to challenge yourself continually to improve your craft, writing those types of writing more efficiently while still following the specs of your clients and ensuring quality.

Content Marketplaces is another way to market yourself is to market on websites that find customers for writers. You can post links to content pieces you have put on content marketplaces on your website. Examples of content marketplaces are Constant Content and 

You can get regular work from big content producers like Demand Media Studios or write articles for ad revenue on sites like Yahoo’s Associated Content and Helium. Some may consider these content farms, but income is steady. Content producers have taken a hit according to the Google Panda update, especially Demand Media Studios, owner of eHow, as of April 2011.

Last, do not be afraid to follow brave writers like novelist Amanda Hocking, who made Forbes, December 2011, list of 30 under 30, the first such list. Hocking published her own books online and has a book deal with St. Martin's Press. With diligence and commitment, blogging can lead you to many unexpected writing gigs!

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