Sunday, January 8, 2012

Meal Planning: Healthy & Friendly

You may not realize how many food allergies can affect the health of you and your kids. For example, you may have dairy in your diet and it might be causing your body to produce extra mucous, which can then aggravate your sinuses and/or respiratory allergy complaints.  Avoid these with proper meal planning.
When planning a special family meal with invited guests or just menu planning for the kids, it is suggested to make it as healthy as possible. You can plan meals in such a way as to minimize the impact of the meal on the guests’ health, including your own kids, with these tips.

1.      Avoid putting dairy products in the meal. For example, dairy aggravates some people’s food allergies and/or stomach and intestinal complaints. It can also be hard to digest some meals if you use a lot of cheeses or steak.  

2.      If you know about people’s seafood tastes, you can serve up a healthy meal using shrimp, white fish, or even tuna. For example, you might serve up tilapia, which is budget-friendly too, and cook it in an olive oil sauce with garlic.

3.      Use fruit in your dessert plan. Some guests may have diabetes or other diet considerations. If you use fresh fruit, not frozen, canned, or processed, you can whip up something light such as a fruit salad or a fruit topping for a sugar-free cake, and everyone can enjoy it. Hint: A dessert pastry mix should not have dairy products if you are using tip #1.

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