Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mad Bananas December 2011

Mad Bananas December 2011

If you happened to catch the “Mad Money” post last month, then you know that Our Banana Moments decided to monetize. Below is how much cash Our Banana Moments raked in last month after trying out a variety of monetizing methods.

Mad Bananas: December 2011

Escalate Network $164.31

Google Adsense $14.74

Sponsored Tweets $4.55

My Savings Media $0.00

Sponsored Reviews $0.00

LinkShare $0.00

Commission Junction $0.00

Brandcaster $0.00

Swagbucks $0.00

Amazon $0.00

Total Bananas in the basket $183.60

As you have probably noticed, there will be no first class round the world tour in the foreseeable future; however, it was fun and challenging, but, make no mistake, it is not as easy as it may seem.  Additionally, I noticed that figuring out how various methods work, I started neglecting my writing. I hope that January will find that Our Banana Moments makes a few more pennies while having a whole lot of fun.

I look forward to how many bananas will be collected this month.  Please, if you have any tips, I am open, just respond to this post or email me at 


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