Friday, January 20, 2012

Smart and Healthy Grocery Shopping

At the grocery store, it is tempting to focus on special deals such as buy one get one free cereal deals. These deals can distract you from buying products based on their nutritional benefits for yourself and your family. It is important to save money on weekly shopping trips without sacrificing the health of your family. Make smarter grocery shopping choices by following these tips.

Try to spend more time shopping for fresh products and buy only minimal purchases from the dry food aisles and frozen food sections of the store. Buy fresh by focusing on shopping in the produce department and the meat department. If it would help, create a grocery list that starts with visiting the produce aisle.  In general, you will also want to skip the deli department because many of the foods that you could buy in this area are processed just like dry foods and frozen foods.

Plan your meals. For example, buy enough fresh meat, not frozen, by counting the number of dinners that you need to cook for the week, and then buy meat accordingly. In addition, if you need to, buy larger packages and cuts of meat and then split them up into smaller portions and freeze for later in the week.

Also, try to buy organic as much as your budget will allow.  Organic fresh fruits and vegetables are not just empty calorie products like lettuce and cabbage; they are also potatoes, carrots, apples, oranges, bananas, beets, onions, peppers, and so forth.

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  1. I have started eating healthier. I am skipping the snack food, frozen food isles in the store. I have not been buy dry cereal at all or boxed items. Instead I have started eating oatmeal for breakfast, but not putting the brown sugar and butter in it. These are great tips you have posted! Organic is expensive, but I do purchase some fruits that are organic. It does save you money to shop for the week and plan your meals. I have been doing that for a while now, and I always make a list! That is important. Thanks!


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