Friday, March 2, 2012

Outdoor Family Activities - Time to plan.

As winter winds down, it is time to consider how to get the children ready for spring! You want to work on the family’s activity level by planning outdoor activities. The next time that you are at the thrift store, you can pick up an old-fashioned picnic basket or just get the big cooler out of the garage and dust it off.

Your community and the communities within a drive of one to two hours have parks--local, county, or state, perfect for affordable family fun. A picnic is just the start of your planning. It is easy to pick up a lighter, lighter fluid, charcoal, hot dogs, buns, chips, ice, and soda pop to throw into the car for a quick barbecue. In addition, do not forget the blanket and the bug spray. Load up bicycles, roller skates or roller blades, a football or soccer ball, baseball bats, gloves, and balls, and other sports gear. Keep in mind that you want everyone to enjoy the outdoors and the nice spring weather.

After everything is packed, you and your children are ready for a fun day in the sunshine! However, what you do when you arrive at the outdoor park also matters. Eating is the beginning followed by some healthy activities.

Moms and dads do not think for a minute that you will be sitting down on the picnic blanket supervising. You need to get up and play with the children because you need to be active too! Fresh air is healthy for your family, and it is fun to enjoy it with the first outdoor picnic of the year! 

Let’s go outside and play!

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