Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Bowl of Cheerios

Bananas like to mingle with other bananas.  Bananas are not social butterflies; however, they are not averse to making new friends.  Every new banana has something to share, something to be learned.  Each new banana in the bunch leaves his or her mark long after they have wound up in a bowl of cheerios.  Some bananas leave a lasting impression that remains for years on end.  If bananas have soul mates, this would be the one whose shadow remains until the end.  Some bananas wait their entire short lives without meeting such a banana and those who have, know that it is a once in a lifetime experience.  The next time you see a banana, befriend that banana and learn from that banana because it just a matter of one good night’s sleep and a wake up before the call to the great honey-nut bowl of cheerios in the sky.

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