Thursday, June 9, 2011

4 Ways to Manage Your Health

4 Ways to Manage Your Health

1.  Pay a visit to your health care provider:

Discuss your family medical history as well as your personal medical history. Let your provider know about any symptoms you are having or any concerns you have about your health. Have a basic medical exam to check your health. If you do not have a primary healthcare provider, it is a good idea to start developing a good relationship with a healthcare provider recommended to you by a friend or another healthcare provider. You should feel comfortable asking and discussing questions with your healthcare provider. Then if you should develop a concern or medical problem, you will have someone who already knows you to help you.

2. Practice disease and injury prevention:

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – Benjamin Franklin

·     Wear sunscreen
·     Wear your seatbelt in the car
·     Do not smoke
·     Do not use or abuse illegal drugs
·     Get the shots (immunizations) recommended for your age and medical condition
·     Prevent sexually transmitted infections by avoiding high-risk sexual behavior and by using latex or polyurethane male or female condoms with every sexual encounter

3. Schedule routine or regular screening exams:

The real value of getting routine screenings is they allow for early detection of disease.  Early detections allows for early treatment, which can lead to better outcomes.  Below are a few routine screenings that could save your life.

·     Blood pressure measurements
·     Mammograms and Pap tests
·     Blood sugar and cholesterol tests
·     Colorectal cancer screening
·     Prostate cancer screening

4. Follow your health care provider’s advice about weight and regular exercise:

A diet rich in whole grains, green leafy vegetables, and, fruit will help to control weight.  Decrease the amount of processed foods and those laden with saturated fats.  For more details or for help developing a meal plan, see a nutritionist. 

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