Monday, June 13, 2011

Facebook Users Plummet

Yes, finally someone somewhere has figured out that living life through facebook is not really living. TechNewsDaily reported new U.S. facebook users plummeted in June “According to statistics from Inside Facebook Gold analytics service — which gets its information from Facebook’s advertising tool — new Facebook users totaled 11.8 million people in May — an impressive number by any stretch of the imagination. But that compares to the 13.9 million who joined in April, and an average of about 20 million in the 12 months prior.

This drop is primarily due to a plunge in registered users in the US. The number of US Facebook users fell from 155.2 million to 149.4 million during the month of May alone. That’s nearly 6 million people who decided they no longer need to stay connected through the service, and is the first time Facebook has lost users in the last year.”

I am unable to speak for my friends and family or any of the other millions of users, but I do not access my personal facebook page on a regular basis.  For me, I have grown weary of seeing adult pictures updated weekly when adults do not change their appearance from week to week.  Worse are those who use facebook to play out relationship drama for the world to see.  Who cares how many times you break up and make up?  I can only imagine that if the ritual facebook users put the keyboard down and went outside for a walk, how greatly they would improve the physical and mental well-being.  If taking a walk is not possible, take an online course rather than stalk facebook profiles.  Facebook is not a valid hobby, try riding a bicycle, climb a mountain, read a book.  Almost any other activity is bound to enrich one’s lifestyle significantly more than facebook.  Facebook in and of itself is not the culprit.  Facebook provides a good avenue to connect with friends and family from afar, but it should be used in moderation rather than in excess and in lieu of actively engaging in life.

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  1. This is a great I do use facebook daily but that is because I hang out with high school kids a lot and it is the best way to catch up with them sometimes.

    Thanks for following me.


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