Sunday, June 5, 2011


What are freckles?

Freckles are pigmented spots brought out by sunlight. They usually are on the face, neck shoulders, and arms. Freckles are inherited and occur mainly in fair-skinned, but can be found on peoples of all shades.  They start around age 5, and although they fade somewhat each winter, they become prominent each summer.

What freckles are not?

Freckles are not skin cancer and nor do they become cancerous. Everyone should be careful of sun overexposure and this is especially true for fair-skinned people.

How can I take care of my child?

Sunscreens cannot prevent them, and lemon juice cannot bleach them. Therefore, the child who has freckles must learn to live with them. Family and friends can help by referring to the freckles as special and attractive. They never turn into skin cancer.
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