Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kitchen Magician - Feeding Your Family

When it comes to putting food on the table, most of us are at our wits’ end. The family never seems to agree at the dinner table regarding the menu. The kids would like pizza, while the husband would like his meat well done. Then there is the matter of leftovers.  Each member of your household will want a new food on their plate every evening. The very thought of rustling new recipes that everyone will like is daunting. 

We tend to turn to cookbooks and recipes for easy remedy. The food has to be healthy, tasty, and easy to cook so that you do not have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. However, as far as recipes go, they are not the last word to good cooking. It is more important to know the basics of cooking for that is what makes up for the foundation for healthy food.  Following the recipe book to the last letter can be stressful by itself. What you can do is get the general idea of the recipe and then do it your own way. You will find that sometimes one or more ingredients are not there in your kitchen, or may be the amount that the recipe serves is too much – or too little for your family. Use your own common sense. Try to be innovative and work around what is available in your kitchen, while keeping the basic recipe intact.  Use your own sense of proportion rather than going by the weights and measures of the cookbook.

Kids will love anything that looks interesting and makes them feel like they are having a special meal. You can utilize your leftovers for this purpose.  That way, yesterday’s leftovers can be converted into today’s sandwich filling or burger. The kids can have their burger without the unhealthy trans-fat and other junk that goes in commercial food.

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