Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mix and Match Fashion Cents

If you are on a tight budget during the fall and winter, it can be difficult to feel like you will be able to dress yourself and the kids in your family in the latest fashions during this cold season. What works best is to pick items that you can afford on your budget this year and use them to augment the pieces in your existing wardrobe. This sounds like great advice for you, but you might also be thinking it is less useful for kids because their sizes change often.

Try some of these tips for whomever you must buy for regardless of age. You will be surprised how mixing and matching can save you money.

Here are some ways to get the most out of your fashion dollars without breaking the bank:

1.      Buy one winter coat in a solid color such as black, navy blue, or brown. This can be used for almost any occasion. You can alternate sweaters and other kinds of winter wraps for different occasions.

2.      Buy at least one new pair of dress shoes and casual shoes for the season. This will require taking yourself and the kids to actually try shoes on, especially if you are looking for boots or dress shoes, which are difficult to fit without this important step.  

3.      Mix and match solid garments with print garments. For example, if you have some pieces of black in your wardrobe, you can mix them with any print. You can also use some of your fall, spring, and summer clothes to layer during the winter. It is about rotating items in the wardrobe to make fewer clothes count for more outfits.

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