Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Networking - Ole Skool Style

If you are thinking of using your blog for professional networking, you should also know that you could use face-to-face marketing tactics to generate more traffic to your blog. One easy idea involves the tried-and-true approach of the business card. You can print the URL for your professional or personal blog on the bottom of your traditional business card.

When you hand the business card to people, discuss the types of content that you post on your blog and why customers and other professional contacts should check it out. If they will just take the time to go online and read your blog and you are sure that you have developed an engaging array of content, you can be sure that you will turn at least some contacts, even friends and family, into trusted blog readers.

You can also use the blog to make special offers to readers. For example, you can offer a discount to customers for each time that they refer a new customer to you. You need a code or another method of tracking referrals.

If you plan to use your blog to make money for your small business, such as by growing the client base, business cards are the way to go. Networking through word of mouth and through the referrals you receive when people share your blog, posts online can help you build a strong following of blog readers.

Remember that you can also update your blog with video, audio, and photographic contents to make the blog site more interesting for the reader. You want to effectively use the blog as a channel for sharing relevant information about yourself and your business.

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