Monday, December 12, 2011

Why Do Athletes Use Steroids

With the “juicing scandals” in recent years, many sports fans have taken to wondering why so many athletes use steroids. Casual exercisers may not realize that the demands of an unusually active lifestyle can take a serious toll on the body of an amateur or professional athlete. Artificial steroids are created by companies like Genshi Labs to mimic compounds that are found naturally in the body. Athletes use these chemicals to increase their performance on the field and reduce the possibility of injuries that could end their careers.

Many people do not realize that exercise actually creates damage in the human body. When muscles are strained by weight lifting or strenuous exercise, tiny tears appear in the fibers of these complex tissues. Over time, the body heals these tears with denser and stronger muscle cells. Muscles grow when their fibers are repeatedly torn and rebuilt.

When strained muscles are not allowed to heal, they can become overworked. Casual exercisers can rest for days between workouts to prevent injuries. Serious athletes do not have this luxury. Some buy Gen Shi Laboratories products to speed the healing process and grow muscles. Genshi Labs produces steroids that allow athletes to compete while reducing the risk of injury. Athletes who use these products are less likely to overwork their muscles, allowing them to work longer and harder on their exercise routines.

Some full-contact sports include the risk of fractured and broken bones. When athletes slam into each other at high speeds, they are putting an extraordinary amount of stress on their skeletal systems. A minor fracture could put an athlete out of commission for weeks or months during a short sports season. A shattered bone could permanently end an athlete’s career. Men and women whose sole incomes come from athletic performance sometimes choose to reduce their risk of bone injuries with Gen Shi Labs steroids. Because steroids increase bone density, they can help athletes avoid injuries in contact sports.

Steroids can also increase an athlete’s performance on the field of play. Because the steroids sold by Gen Shi Labs can increase a user’s red blood cell count, they allow athletes to compete longer and harder. More red blood cells mean that more oxygen reaches the muscles from the lungs. Fatigue happens when the oxygen supply to muscles is depleted. Muscles that work without oxygen produce a byproduct called lactic acid that can cause soreness. Athletes who buy Gen Shi Laboratories steroids can work for longer with a reduced risk of pain and injury.

Disclaimer: Some types of steroids are illegal to purchase and use. Check your local laws to get more information about your legal rights.

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