Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fashion on a budget

With the recent recession, what do you do if you have this urge to go for the latest fashion? We can hardly go back to sack cloth and ashes, at the same time, it is not possible for us to dress up in the style and chic that the celebrities do. We simply lack their source of funds. That Jimmy Choo or the latest Christian Dior seems luring, but way out of our range. Or at least way out of my means. You can still dress yourself up in style, at a much lesser budget. There are certain blogs that will give you similar dresses at a very affordable cost. Some of the more popular ones are FrugalFashioista, DC Goodwill Fashion Blog, The Budget Babe, The Cheap Chica's,, and many more. These blogs will provide you with designs similar to the original ones, along with price tag, where to get them and so on and so forth. You will get weekly deals, spotlights of retailers, bargains and steal prices. They will help you to budget a celebrity line get providing you with the costing of the total ensemble. Most of these blogs emphasize on celebrity looks and will give you fashion advise on how to get the same look at a much lower cost. They provide with pictures of the celebrity in her look, complete with accessories such as shoes, scarves, jewelry and handbags, and pictures of similar fashion items which will cost much less. You can choose your pick and order online, or visit the retailer and pick your own pieces. Some sites will provide you with screening areas and you can browse with ease if you are going for a particular look, such as sports, fashion jewelry under $10 and so on. Other sites specialize in designer label looks so if you are into any particular designer, you can visit these sites and get designs which carry their signature style. The good thing about these sites is they offer fashion tips and information on a budget without making you look cheap or imitative. You can retain your own style of dress while going for the latest fashion trend.
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