Thursday, November 24, 2011

Travel tips for women who love the sojourn

Its time to let your hair down and take that much needed break from life’s dull routines. Travel is something that every woman looks forward to so she can get that much needed break from the strenuous chores of everyday life. Not being prepared for travel can leave you bitter and stressed even on a holiday. This post is intended to help you run a checklist on things that are a ‘must do’ when on travel.

Irrespective of whether women are working or at home travel brings with it a host of anxieties. From taking care of children to packing the right stuff everything is on the shoulders of the women who travel. Here are a few travel tips that should help women keep off that unnecessary stress while traveling:

·      Pack light – Do not go overboard while packing as it will leave you tired and anxious and it is an unnecessary burden to carry around

·      Carry a map of the destination you are headed to 

·      Carry clothes that are bright and comfortable  

·      Do not work while on travel 

·      Shop for yourself – when on travel, women usually land up buying gifts for everyone save themselves, always remember to pick up a souvenir for yourself

·      If it is winter time travel then ensure you have your woolen and thermal clothing packed

·      Always carry your sunscreen, moisturizer and day cream along

·      Pack your medical supplies if any along with a first aid kit

·      Carry enough sets of undergarments 

·      Have a small diary with important phone numbers and emergency contacts, keep it in your wallet

·      Carry travelers checks instead of lot of cash 

Travel clubs, groups and travel agencies are fun ways to meet other travelers and save on travel expenses.

The Women's Travel Club
Gutsy Women Travel
Sights and Soul Travel
G Adventures

The above tips should keep you safe and ready for travel. Most of all, remember to have fun. 

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