Monday, November 21, 2011

Save Money - Getting Home Decor Items Organized by Season

The next time you want to find extra dollars in your household budget, consider the possibilities that will open up if you tackle the important task of organizing all of your home décor materials. You don’t have to become Martha Stewart overnight.
Chances are that you change your decorations for your home with the change in the season. The costs that you spend each year on holiday-related home décor items, many of which you will end up throwing away, represent a good place to begin cost-cutting. By saving on home décor, you can free up dollars to spend in other areas of the household budget.  

The trick is to organize holiday-related home décor items more efficiently. Some homemakers approach this by buying one large plastic bin for each holiday, such as one for Easter, one for Thanksgiving, one for Christmas, etc. During the rest of the year, the choice of home décor items usually fits the season, as in spring, summer, fall, and winter decorations.

How do you keep your stuff organized in a bin system without going crazy? The answer is simple. Just set up each bin and label it. Then pick one day every two months or so to take out the bin for the outgoing season and pack it up and store it in the attic or garage. Next, take out the bin for the next season and unpack everything. For example, after Halloween, pack up your fall stuff and unpack everything for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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