Friday, November 4, 2011

Fawk You Friday

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Well I just discovered this hop and it looked like so much fun that I couldn’t wait to join in the fun...So here I go...Fawk you to the bloggers who ask for “likes” to their fb fan pages, but, like your page back from their fan page. Don’t they know that only fan page “likes” from personal profiles count? Fawk you to all of my nay saying non-blogging friends and family who don’t support my habit because it is not a means to get rich quick...I am doing something that makes me happy and hurts no one…shouldn’t that be enough? Fawk you to the dental floss and Charmin personal wipes that I flushed down the toilet that eventually caused a huge flood in my house… It has taken an entire month to get a crew, file insurance claims, and remove huge parts of the floor and downstairs ceiling that came into contact with the dirty water…The repairs start Monday and I should be able to move back into my place in another week.  Don’t advertise products as flushable when they are really not...Fawk you, no, I mean I don’t give a Fawk is my new favorite thing to say…It makes me feel like I am being bad and I really don’t give a fawk what anyone thinks…Happy Friday...


  1. I don't catch flack from my family over it. They just shake their heads and move on like they do when I'm on farmville.
    I had no idea that facebook likes only count from personal profiles.

  2. TY for dropping by:) Appreciated:)

  3. I don't do the "likes" on Facebook either. I only have 2 that I will oblige, but they are my buds so that makes a difference.

    Yikes to the plumbing issues. That has to be really bad.

  4. You know what I hate? I can post something horribly sad like "My beloved dog died today" on my blog and some asshat leaves a comment saying, "Will you follow my blog?" UGHHHHHH!!!

    I feel you on the house flood. When my older son was little, he had a love of flushing blocks down our toilet. Good times!


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