Thursday, November 17, 2011

Relationship advice for the rest of us…

In a world where relationships have become delicate and precarious, one could do with as much relationship advice as one can get. This post is intended to help you discover how you can nurture a relationship without feeling stressed or anxious. Any relationship that requires one to pretend to be somebody else is not worth the while, whereas a relationship that makes one want to improve oneself so that the relationship strengthens is one worth pursuing. This post will talk about the factors that are essential to keep a relationship alive.

There are key factors that go into making a relationship strong; there is no rule of the thumb that works for everyone; nevertheless, there are certain suggestions that are bound to improve any relationship:

·      Maintain honesty and transparency – it is better that somebody hates you for what you are than love you for what you are not

·      Learn to say no – oftentimes relationships wane under the pressure of things that one is forced to do to please the other person. Do what you think you are comfortable doing and say a polite and gentle yet firm no to what you don’t feel comfortable about

·      Do not nag – nagging often kills a relationship. When you do need to get across to the other person say what you have to say and repeat it once at the most

·      Keep the trust – this works both ways, you need to live up to the trust of the other person and trust the other person as well

·      Give each other space

·      Compliment and appreciate the other person

·      Keep your expectations to the bare minimum that way you will be able to appreciate

Relationships are about happiness; the above suggestions will help you retain the spark of happiness in any relationship. - animated hand 125x125

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