Sunday, November 6, 2011

When Men From Mars Attack

Most times, I do not get the thought processes of men and lately there is a man in particular who has me confused,  befuddled, and irritated as hell. 

About three weeks ago I moved in with an ex-boyfriend because my place needed some repairs.  He offered his home to me and I gladly accepted. I figured that most times, we get along and this could be a positive experiment both ways. I moved in and happily started throwing in my additional two hands to the daily chores. I cleaned, I did laundry, I grocery shopped, and, on occasion cooked. I wanted to make my being in his man cave as painless as possible for both.  Alas, even after contributing to the household in these ways, he has still found it within this solid block brain to actually ask for rent. Wait; he did not only ask me for rent, he wants $100 per night! 

To this point, it has taken a whole lot on my part to not go to war, because, after all, I still needed a place to sleep. The hits continue to roll in as last night, we went shopping last night for some general supplies and I could not believe my ears when he turned to me and said, “I am not paying for toilet tissue because you use more of it than I do.” Does he not get the fact that I have willingly jumped in with both hands and feet on deck to assist with chores and groceries? I would have willingly given him rent money as well, but, not $100 a day. Did I mention that he does not live in a penthouse suite, but a standard run of the mill tiny 2-bedroom apartment? 

Thankfully, the repairs at my place should be completed within the next week and I will be able to move out soon. How can he not see that I was so flattered that he stepped up and offered an ex-flame a place to stay that I would have given him just about anything within reason? Is $100 per day really within reason? 

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  1. $100/day? Really, you can stay at a hotel for cheaper than that. Plus, you wouldn't have to do any chores, buy any supplies, etc. Hopefully, your repairs will be done before any more nonsense pops off. While he was nice enough to let you stay at his place, it sounds like a part of him is still a bit bitter and his ridiculousness could be a form payback in his mind.


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