Sunday, May 15, 2011

Aloha Salads: A Review

I typically shy away from restaurant reviews, but I have fallen in love for a place in Hawaii called Aloha Salads.  For starters, they use locally grown produce, which I could not begin to say enough about the freshness of their fruits and veggies.  The closest Aloha Salads restaurants is 11 miles from my house and I like their stuff so much, I see fit to hop in the car and make 22 mile round trip run for some good eats.  My favorite salad is the Kamuela Cobb. The Kamuela Cobb’s ingredients are grilled chicken breast with bacon, blue cheese, tomatoes, island fresh eggs, and avocado slices.  This salad comes with a creamy herb ranch dressing of which I order extra.  I never said that this was a haven for dieters.  From their sub menu, I am fond of the sinfully delicious honey glazed ham.  This toasted sub sports thinly sliced ham, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato slices, topped with mayo and Dijon mustard.  The subs can be made with your choice of Ciabatta Wheat, Ciabatta White, or Pita Bread.  I, myself, enjoy my honey-glazed ham on Ciabatta white.   As for soups, they feature a “soup of the day” menu, off which, I have had the tomato bisque.  The tomato bisque soup was simply delicious, served hot and creamy along with warm pita bread. 

The Skinny

If you have already figured out that my favorite menu choices are not for those who fall faint at the first sign of possibly gaining a pound, you can design your own salad.
Aloha Salads has a 5-step design your own salad menu item.  The 5-steps consist of choosing your lettuce, selecting four fresh toppings (additional toppings are available for an extra fee), pick your cheese from an assortment of nine, and, finally add your dressing.  Your choice of dressings is impressively versatile from house specials, traditional, and spa favorites.  If you are looking for a fresh fruit bowl, Aloha Salads has this too.  Design your very own fruit bowl from locally grown selections such as mango, coconut, papaya, strawberries, lychee, pineapple and more.

The Ambiance

Aloha Salads is a busy restaurant with heavy foot traffic and tends to be noisy.  Most of the noise is chatter from people ordering take out or dining in mixed with the staff calling out your name once your delicacy is ready for you to pick up at the counter.  This would be a good place to eat-in during lunch or on the weekends after a morning of shopping.

If you are fortunate enough to have an Aloha Salads near you, I recommend you stop in and get familiar with their fresh, locally grown, healthy and downright delicious foods.

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