Monday, May 23, 2011

Love Advice - From a banana?

While scrolling through facebook, I stumble upon some back yard relationship advice.  If you are in a troubled relationship, just ask your local banana, who, by the way, is likely divorced with a string of failed relationships under his or her belt.  If you think you have some good advice to share, please weigh in.  Caution: take advice at your relationships own risk!

GT: I have a handful of friends that seem to break up then get back on a regular basis. With every breakup they act like the world has come to an end. When they get back its like they JUST found true love! Then they repeat the cycle... I find it hilarious! They were doomed from the first cycle and don't know it...
Saturday at 6:36 pm via Mobile Web · Like · 8 people like this.

GT:  Just an observation...  Saturday at 6:37pm · Like

KR: That's f'n pathetic...they are doomed. But than again there are only so many to choose from on the island.  Saturday at 7:32pm · Like · 

JF: ‎...i should have joined the active army after college,I was already in the reserves. Very True.  Saturday at 7:58pm · Like

MJ:  I am just happy that I am not one of your friends, otherwise I would tell you to mind your own business!  Saturday at 8:08pm · Like · 

LA:  ppl do changeSaturday at 8:21pm · Like

GT: ‎@MJ, mind your own business!! @Jeff, uh, cool! @KR, u know what I mean! @LA, don't kid yourself! Lol... permanent changes? Haven't seen it :(  Saturday at 8:26pm · Like · 

KR: Many times people are AFRAID to be alone so they keep going back to the person that they know is not right for them. They may require a serious intervention. Intervention like - "Throw a nasty ass old puppy eaten slippah' at their head like in a numb chuck motion" lmao. I'm guilty of doing it too but learned what my own worth and happiness was.  Yesterday at 4:52am · Like

MF: GT, don't you find it hilarious when divorced people give relationship advice as if they got it right?  21 hours ago · Like · 

GT: Live and learn huh!? Its sad for me to see friends doing this, at years on end! Its crazy!  21 hours ago · Like

MJ: It's live and learn only if you have learned anything! Of course, this isn't the land of plenty when it comes to acceptable/qualified single adults. If I am going to fall in the muddy waters of love, it will be unconditionally.  21 hours ago · Like

GT:  Unconditionally!? What's that!? Never heard of the concept ....  21 hours ago · Like

MJ: LOL I know you haven't heard of that concept. It's too complicated to break it down on fb but essentially it's that person who loves you including all of your faults despite the fact that your a big asshole. That person is always there to catch you when you fall and faces life's challenges standing beside you. You will easily know this person, if you ever meet them, because you will say to yourself "wow, I have done some f'd up shit and he or she is still in my corner.  21 hours ago · Like ·

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