Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ping Me Please

Doo Funny Banana and I have reached an impasse.  An impasse so wide that it promises to require more than being able to agree to disagree.  Therefore, today, I had nothing but time to work on Our Banana Moments.  What does a banana do with extra time?  I spent all day trying to list Our Banana Moments on every blog roll, list, feed, catalog, and library that I could find.   Our blog needs readers, after all, what is the point of spending so much time writing, editing, and designing a blog if I am (Doo Funny has un-friended us) the only reader? Here is a list of sites that allowed me to post Our Banana Moments.

Quite by accident, I discovered an iPhone app called BlogPingy.  The BlogPingy app promises to be the fastest way to ping your blog to 30 or more sites.  I down loaded the app and it performed almost as promised.  Our Banana Moments was pinged to just 28 sites.  Even though the app failed to deliver on 30 or more sites, I would recommend this app and I plan to continue to use this until something better comes along.

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  1. Thank you for following Chasing Serenity! I am following you in all ways available. :-) I will definitely have to try that Iphone app, I am trying to get out of the people will just flock to my awesomeness(J/K) mentality, and actually put in more work to make my blog happen. :-) Looking forward to future Banana Moments!!!!

    Chasing Serenity


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