Tuesday, May 24, 2011

FREE Download - Ashton Kutcher

Is this the season of Ashton Kutcher?  First Two And A Half Men and now a Twitter client, it sure seems that Ashton is poised to strike.  Wake up fans of all things Twitter or Ashton Kutcher and download the first ever Ashton Kutcher Twitter client called A.Plus, which is set to be unveiled at TechCrunch Disrupt (May 23-25).  Thus far, I am loving the look and feel A.Plus, there is so much to see and do on the five channels that I completely ignored my timeline.  In fact, I enjoyed the five channels’ what is behind door number two feeling that I had to force myself to check for important features such as my facebook feed.  Fast forward one hour and I still have not found a magical button to click to add my facebook feed or any button for that matter.  Oh, I am already missing Hoot Suite. 

Despite the lack of facebook, A.Plus is likely to be the next big thing Ashton’s more than 6 million fans will be eager to support.  Ashton’s other successful projects are the DNA Foundation (Demi and Ashton Foundation) he runs with wife Demi Moore and Katalyst a media development company.


  1. I got totally excited until I read the trouble with integrating your FB news feed...

  2. @Blackberry Mama I am hoping that Ashton will fix this problem. You should download and test it out.

  3. following u back..thanks.great blog


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