Saturday, May 14, 2011

WTH - Pageant Mom Shocked by 8-Year-Old's Botox Injections

I generally do not get caught up in or chase the latest articles, but, while surfing around I ran across the story below about a mom giving her 8 y/o daughter Botox injections for pageant contest.  I have never advocated for plastering makeup inches deep on a little girl’s face, or dressing her in mini adult outfits to be judged in any category.  Little girls are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice and therefore do not need any of the product adults use to hold on tooth and nail to their youth.  Worse, yet, these pageant moms are stealing childhood, which is already way too short, from their daughters.  With all of that said, WTH would drive a mother to inject Botox into her 8 y/o daughter’s face?  This is and should be criminal.  Can you imagine the psychological damage being done to this little girl?  If she is getting Botox injections at 8, how is she going to feel about herself when she is 20?  Have you seen the video clip?  This story has a video clip of the mom and daughter and it is clear to me that the mom is living through her daughter when she should be taking all of that money she is spending on trying to improve on perfection and apply it to a gym membership, a makeover and some clothing.  Just saying....

Pageant Mom Shocked by 8-Year-Old's Botox Injections
Miss Teen Scottsdale also weighs in
Updated: Friday, 13 May 2011, 5:41 PM MST
Published : Friday, 13 May 2011, 5:41 PM MST

SCOTTSDALE - A San Francisco mom is under investigation after admitting she injected her 8-year-old daughter with Botox for a kiddie beauty pageant.
As you can imagine, this has sparked an uproar in the medical community and among pageant moms.
17-year-old Ally Winski, Miss Teen Scottsdale, has competed in five pageant systems since she turned 11.
"Everything I've worked with in the pageant system has been the best experience," she says.
Winski finds it disturbing that a pageant mom in San Francisco injected her 8-year-old daughter with Botox.
"I've seen moms who have wanted their daughters to be someone they weren't, or have been grilling them and telling them the right answers to say in an interview, but I've never come across something where it's gone to plastic surgery or injections," says Winski.
Registered nurse Patricia Foley says Botox isn't even approved for cosmetic use for minors.
"Botox has been used a long time therapeutically safely on children, that is correct, but for cosmetic reasons I've not heard of it," says Foley. "I think it's a little bit over the top… what kind of 8-year-old has a wrinkle?"
Ally's mom agrees, and says moms like this woman give pageants a bad name.
"The competition is really tough in a lot of these pageants but I can't imagine that you wouldn't want your daughter to be her own self," says Amy Winski, a former Pageant Director. "It's supposed to be more of the inner beauty than the outer beauty."
The mom says her daughter asked for the anti-wrinkle injections. She is a part-time aesthetician, but she wouldn't say where she got the Botox. She is now being investigated by Social Services.


  1. I would not be surprised if this child ends up abused by men and turns to prostitution. She will need years and years of therapy one day for what her mother has done to her.

  2. OMG! This is terrible! I have been against "glitz" beauty pageants for a long time, but this really seals the deal for me. I mean how many pageant mothers are just like this one, but haven't been caught yet? I just get so sick of watching those "glitz" pageant moms on TV living their dreams to be beautiful through their daughters. It's so sad. That poor little girl is going to need a lot of counseling.

  3. someone linked me to this on twitter and I was literally sick after watching it. Glad to know there is a ton of outrage out there.


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